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Manufacturers need every advantage as they try to keep costs down. Employee safety and savings programs save many times the cost of the program and create a positive work environment. Sales incentives are important in keeping production at the highest levels.

CMC has the unique and proven incentive and rewards tools you need.

Case Study

Steel Co. Kentucky


Monster Sale 6 month sell June to December


Target Group: Existing Client Base & Potential New Accounts

Qualifier: Purchase ‘X’ amount of product (Increase over same period year previous) > and receive a Level “__” Award.



Qualified: 71 accounts qualified
1 3 $22,500 XX
2 27 $270,000 XX
3 14 $280,000 XX
4 18 $540,000 XX
5 5 $300,000 XX
6 4 $400,000 XX
TOTALS 71 >$1,812,500 $ (Minimum) $90,150

Commitment: $0; Investment ($90,150 final investment) netted $1,812,500 in increased revenue dollars for 6 month period. Sales Increase Notation – These numbers do not reflect the dollars of increase that clients attained between the targets, while striving to get to the next level. (i.e. Level 2 $10,000 to Level 3 $20,000; sales may have been $15,000 but fell between the levels.)

Our Clients

Red McCombs Ford
I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles and I must say it was an overall great experience. I arrived in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve and was greeted right away by a very friendly driver that was going to take us to our hotel. Our hotel was great and the staff was very friendly. As soon as we checked in they gave us our Rose Bowl tickets along with our very nice Rose Bowl gear. The stay at the hotel was great! Not only did we enjoy the many amenities of the hotel, but we were enjoyed the city as well. Our hotel was conveniently located right in the middle of Pasadena, so we were able to explore the city during the day, and had an amazing time discovering the nightlife. Our seats at the game were so close and in the perfect location.

I am very pleased on how perfectly planned everything was. I really couldn't have asked for a better trip.
Doris C.

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