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Manager Specific Solutions

Manager Specific Solutions


Cash Isn’t Your Best Sales Motivator
Traditionally, salespeople are incentivized by commission. The more they sell the more they make. So why is it so difficult to get the salesperson focused and excited about a new campaign, product or strategy? The reality is most of them have the “been there, done that” attitude. Many times incentives are more motivating than money.
People love to be recognized and appreciated
Establishing a formal recognition program where sales people are called out for doing their job well, going above and beyond, can make a huge difference in overall team performance. Rewarding this kind of behavior with something they can share with their family or show off to others gives the employee prestige beyond the motivation cash alone provides.

Team buy-in critical in making sales goals
You’ve heard of W.I.I.F.M.? When the new sales and marketing plan is introduced “what’s in it for me?” is almost always the first reaction from team members. Negative motivators like; “It’s your job so do it”, or positives like; “there’s money in it if you do”, are timeworn and don’t get the best out of people.

Peer pressure is a powerful team motivator
Imagine if everyone benefitted from the success of the team. Would that create pressure within the group for everyone to excel and not let the team down? What if sales support had a personal stake in the sale steam’s success? Do you think they might work a little harder to support and execute the plan? Might they also place pressure on the sales team to produce?

Capitol Marketing an expert in multi-team strategies
Capitol Marketing’s experts will design a custom plan that inspires every member of the team without breaking your budget. We’ll be happy to set up a no obligations meeting to help you create the perfect plan for your organization.


The best laid plans, lost in translation
You know the feeling; after months of careful planning and preparation you announce your marketing plan as proudly as if you were introducing your first born child. You are so sure that, if followed, the plan will provide the company and you unprecedented success, IF you get buy-in from sales, sales support, customer service, shipping, and the folks on the floor. That is a pretty big IF!
Include a Plan for Success
You can’t make them get excited and motivated. You have to help them see why following your plan is good for them. “What’s In It For Me?” is the first question you need to answer if you want buy-in at all levels of the organization and it’s about more than money.

Overall Success is a Series of Small Successes
Create focus on the overall goal by celebrating the individual smaller successes that reinforce the overall goal and highlight the folks who get it and are doing the job the way it needs to be done. There is a lot of difference between reminding people about what needs to be done and celebrating the folks who do.

Plan Positive Reinforcement into Your Budget
Capitol Marketing is an expert in creating effective rewards and incentives programs that won’t break your budget.  We’ll help you determine the most appropriate milestones and cost efficient reward by group. One thing to remember it that you are not spending money until a level of reward is accomplished. We keep you on the right side of the risk-reward equation.


Cost Effective Employee Benefits
By definition the HR manager is responsible  for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees. These responsibilities need to be carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Recognition: A Powerful Management Tool
One of the most rewarding moves any manager can make is to “Catch an Employee Doing Something Right”. As an HR professional you can institutionalize this activity, ingraining into the culture of your company. By reinforcing the positive and minimizing the negative your management team can build a culture of success at all levels of the organization.

Cost Effective Recognition Tools
Capitol Marketing has been providing recognition rewards programs for decades. We design, build, market and manage custom points programs to meet any budget. We offer an online catalog and personalized dashboard access for every user.

Enhanced Employee Benefits
Capitol Marketing introduces Work Place Perks. Work Place perks offers exclusive deals to your employees, often at below the lowest advertised price. Our online catalog is a free benefit to your employees that cannot be offered online or advertised to the public. We have negotiated with some of the largest consumer brands providing this exclusive catalog for your employees.

In addition, employees earn points for purchase, so the more they use Work Place perks the more they can purchase for free.

Work Place perks is a free employee benefit that promotes employee satisfaction. Check out the brief video below for more information.


Employee Safety is a Bottom Line Issue
As a Safety Manager your job is to make safety in the work place part of the company culture. You can conduct lectures and presentations, form committees to study safety but every employee has to understand that it is their job to make the workplace safe for themselves and for their co-workers.

Make the Benefits of Safety Real
An injury free work area saves thousands of dollars for the employer. What is it worth to you to reduce or eliminate the risk of an on the job injury? What percentage of that savings are you willing to use in motivating every employee to become part of the effort?

Reward and Recognize
Set your safety goals, make them clear to all employees, then allow every employee to celebrate the realization of the goal. Recognize and reward new safety ideas from employees. Make sure everyone knows the reward is being given for an idea that worked.

Reinforce and Encourage Positive Action.
Catch someone doing something right and celebrate it. One idea may be to offer the winner a special parking space or even better present a gift card for dinner for two at a local restaurant. The idea is to make the goal attainable and the reward aspirational.

Capitol Marketing has the answers
Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation call to discuss how we can help you reach your safety goal

Our Clients

Dear Billy,
We used the “Vacation on Us” package to encourage salons to buy a new retail line from us. The program was a great success! In most cases a salon carrying one line from Standard doubled their commitment. Because we offered a limited number of vacations, the salons had an urgency to commit before all the vacations were gone. We also established 50 new retail outlets during the 60 day event as well. Our cost of this promotion will be an investment that pays off for years to come. We look forward to our next promotion with Capitol.
Kevin L.
Standard Beauty Supply
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