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Health and Wellness


The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare have shifted the health care payment methodology from “fee-for-service” to a “reimbursable” model, financially rewarding proactive health care providers for achieving positive outcomes with patients. Additionally, it encourages employers to create and promote a healthy workplace, rewarding employers and employees by reducing health insurance premiums for those actively participating in “Corporate Health and Wellness” programs.

In theory this sounds great for all of us; including health providers, employers, employees, and patients. But realistically, how will we get these diverse audiences to embrace major change in their daily activities in order to achieve these lofty goals?

The simple answer…….incentives and rewards as motivation for change over and above the benefits of achieving better health!


For over 20 years Capitol Marketing has been tailoring incentive and reward programs that get results. Our health care experts work with you in identifying the most appropriate health and wellness programs to meet your needs today, while remaining flexible enough to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.


Capitol Marketing’s health and wellness programs are designed to reduce overall health care costs, enhance care provided at all levels, and motivate employees, patients and partner’s-in-health to actively participate in improving their own health and well-being.


               Employee Corporate Wellness

               MD Plus  (24/7, 365 days a year, remote access to care)

               Care Team Rewards

                              Population Health Management Incentives

                              HCAHPs Survey Incentives

                              Readmittance Reduction Incentives

               My Advocate for Health Prescription Reduction


Contact a Capitol health care expert today to get you and your organization on the road to better health!

Case Study

“Service & Recognition Program”


A Hospital in Ohio partnered with CMC to help elevate and automate their employee service & recognition program. They had been using merchandise catalogs, gift cards, and hospital logo-wear previously, and managing and tracking everything was becoming almost a full time job.


  • Create a turn-key employee recognition and service program
  • Figure out a way to keep saying “thank you” and rewarding employees while reducing the work load

CMC Solution

  • Implement “Gorilla Rewards”, an internet based, points driven merchandise rewards program:
    • Create a personalized, logo branded website to introduce to their 2,500+ employees
      • Integrate the following applications as a way for employees to earn points
      • Service & Tenure
      • Spot Awards
      • Recruiting, Retention, and Referrals
    • All employees eligible: adminstrators, nurses, maintainence, managers, etc.
    • If an employee left company and did not redeem their points, points would revert back to the hospital’s master account

Program Results
Program has been a huge success for employees and managers

  • With reporting and tracking features of the website, every detail is captured and available to view in reports
  • Fulfilment of prizes is automated – all 5,000+ items listed on the rewards program are drop shipped from the vendor listing the item. Administrators no longer have to worry about ordering prizes.
  • Hospital has saved close to 12% versus previous rewards program


Our Clients

Dear Ilene,
Just wanted to drop you a line saying your company helped increase our sales at our company. By using the “Vacations on Us” program in conjunction with our booking program, we were able to increase sales by more than 15% over last year. We set goals by customer to make sure the trips were truly earned. These goals were met and surpassed by all 85 customers who earned their trips. We also awarded 5 trips to employees whose total customer sales exceeded their goals.

Thanks again for helping us achieve our goals and for your terrific support throughout the program.

Jim W.
Briggs and Stratton
Engine Power Division

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